KutMasta Kurt Presents- Masters Of Illusion (feat. Kool Keith & Motion Man) (2000)

Masters of Illusion is the self-titled debut album by American hip hop group Masters of Illusion (producer Kutmasta Kurt and rappers Kool Keith & Motion Man), released in 2000. The album features no guest emcees, but does feature DJ cuts/scratches by DJ Revolution, DJ Babu and DJ Rhettmatic.


Umse- Hawaiianischer Schnee (2015)

Das (kurze) Warten hat ein Ende. Nach nur etwas mehr als einem Jahr kehrt Umse mit einem neuen Release im Gepäck zurück. Am Ende muss eine Platte „bloß gut sein, keinen Schwanz hier interessiert konkret wie lange man an ihr saß, es zählt wie lange sie rotiert“, äußert er sich dahingehend. Es ist das dritte Album auf seinem Label, Jakarta Records, „Hawaiianischer Schnee” heißt es. Geschrieben und konzeptioniert wurde die Platte in einem kleinen Landhaus in der niederländischen Provinz Gelderland. Für die gesamte Produktion zeichnet sich wie immer Deckah höchst selbst verantwortlich, der im RZwoDrehZwo Studio der Platte den letzten Schliff verlieh. Die Beiden sind „Chef in Sachen Sound, ein Traumduo, ein Ein-Raum-Studio, kein großes Equipment und das ist auch gut so“.

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Bluestaeb- B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday (2015)

Back in January 2015, Radio Juicy started a new series called “BLUE Friday” in collaboration with Berlin based beatmaker Bluestaeb. For a certain period Bluestaeb released a new track every second Friday through SoundCloud. The idea behind the series is to make every track stand out on it’s own and to show the full versatility of production which might not fit together on one normal EP. Now here’s the vinyl version to the tracks that were released during this time and hey… They do fit very well together. Features Knowsum (Luk & Fil / Sichtexot) , Galv, Juju Rogers and Anthony Drawn (Sichtexot).


Chill Rob G – Chilled Not Frozen E​.​P. (2015)

Hip-hop legend Chill Rob G has dropped the incredible Chilled Not Frozen E.P. on Nobody-Buys-Records with 4 new tracks produced by Bankrupt Europeans. R.A. The Rugged Man guests on the future classic Tell ‘Em and cuts throughout are by the peerless DJ Grazzhoppa, with the exception of Tell ‘Em which sees LDonTheCut take care of business. This is Volume 3 of ‘The Platinum Era Series’ following the super-dope Fast Rap EP and The Remix EP by Phill Most Chill, also on Nobody-Buys-Records.

L’Orange & Kool Keith- Time? Astonishing! (2015)

If there’s a secret to time travel, Kool Keith owns the patent. Even a flying DeLorean seems too conventional for the Bronx legend. He’d more logically orbit throughout the galaxy in a gleaming chrome spaceship, teaching the stars and aliens new forms of originality. He is too weird to live, too rare to die, too uniquely ultra-magnetic to be accurately mimicked.

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dela- Atmosphere Airlines (2007)

This mixtape is a prelude to Changes Of Atmosphere, dela’s first full length album, dropping soon on Drink Water Music. A Prelude.. “Huh, Yeah, What is it good for ?” you may ask. Dela had a lot of unreleased beats and tracks he wanted to put out before the album drops. The oldest track, “La Bonne Attitude” was made in 97, after countless walks to school with the ATCQ cassette on autoreverse.

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