The Herbaliser- There Were Seven + Remix LP (2012/ 2014)

“As the machine’s pistons pumped, spewing toxic smoke and molten ash across the soundscape, seven figures emerged from the shadows. They had the appearance of people from a time now forgotten – seven troubadours with sonic dexterity. These agents of mischief told us that the reign of the machine must end and they were here to take it down piece by piece…” … Continue Reading for the Remix LP

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Take The Chains Off Your Brains – Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves (2014)

Take The Chains Off Your Brains – Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves‘ is the 5th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label. But it’s already the second one dwelving into the complexities of the Hip Hop culture for the Paris DJs Soundsystem crew, after the prized ‘It’s The New Hip Hop Thing’ released in 2009 through the now defunct Vibrations magazine.

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Hugo Kant Collection

Auch wenn das Ziel  von Hugo Kant nicht darin besteht Hip Hop-Puristen mit Kopfnicker-Beats zu beliefern, passt das Attribut “Fresh” allemal zu dem französischen Multi-Instrumentalist und Produzent!
Seine musikalischen Machenschaften reichen bis zurück in seine Kindheit, dennoch ist die öffentliche Diskografie noch recht überschaubar. Die befindet sich hier!

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