Rob Swift- X​-​Files: Lost & Deleted (2015)

“Rob Swift will let it spin like a revolving door.
Master the craft and now a nigga out on tour.” ~ The Large Professor

For the last 5 years or so I’ve been flirting with the idea of putting together a “Rob Swift‘s BEST OF” type of album. After thinking about it for quite sometime I finally decided to let the ideas I had for it swirling in my head out in the open and started working on X-Files: Lost & Deleted this past March. Unlike other “BEST OF…” albums, this LP just doesn’t contain an assortment of music of mine from various solo projects. What you’ll be listening to on X-Files: Lost & Deleted is a collection of remixes of my best work. It actually ends up sounding like an entirely new album. I also added bonus, unreleased demos of mine which will only be available to those who donate to my Kickstarter. This will be my 5th solo, full length album.


dela- Atmosphere Airlines (2007)

This mixtape is a prelude to Changes Of Atmosphere, dela’s first full length album, dropping soon on Drink Water Music. A Prelude.. “Huh, Yeah, What is it good for ?” you may ask. Dela had a lot of unreleased beats and tracks he wanted to put out before the album drops. The oldest track, “La Bonne Attitude” was made in 97, after countless walks to school with the ATCQ cassette on autoreverse.

TieftonKultur- Four Elements Jam Sampler (2014)

Als Soundtrack zur Four Elements Jam dient der gleichnamige Sampler mit einer Vielzahl an bekannten Rapper- und Produzentennamen. So bunt wie das Artwork sind auch die darauf enthaltenen Songs! Hochkarätiger Output aus den Kulturkreisen des Tieftons!

JuSoul- REDRAFTS (2014)

“Here is a small collection of remixes I’ve done over the years and decided to put some out for free for everybody’s convenience. Hope y’all like it! Enjoy!” –JuSoul

DJ Blastar Collection

DJ Blastar haut einen feuchtfröhlichen Mix raus, der Alt mit Neu und Deutsch mit Englisch verbindet. Backpackers Tribute Radio Vol. 1 nennt sich der Spaß!
Den besagten DJ könnte der Ein oder Andere von der Deutschrap Mixtape Trilogie kennen, wem also Namen wie RAG, Main Concept oder Stieber Twins nichts sagen, hat einiges an Hausaufgaben nachzuholen.

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