Bluestaeb- B​.​L​.​U​.​E. Friday (2015)

Back in January 2015, Radio Juicy started a new series called “BLUE Friday” in collaboration with Berlin based beatmaker Bluestaeb. For a certain period Bluestaeb released a new track every second Friday through SoundCloud. The idea behind the series is to make every track stand out on it’s own and to show the full versatility of production which might not fit together on one normal EP. Now here’s the vinyl version to the tracks that were released during this time and hey… They do fit very well together. Features Knowsum (Luk & Fil / Sichtexot) , Galv, Juju Rogers and Anthony Drawn (Sichtexot).



TieftonKultur- Four Elements Jam Sampler (2014)

Als Soundtrack zur Four Elements Jam dient der gleichnamige Sampler mit einer Vielzahl an bekannten Rapper- und Produzentennamen. So bunt wie das Artwork sind auch die darauf enthaltenen Songs! Hochkarätiger Output aus den Kulturkreisen des Tieftons!

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