Iron Ora- Camouflage Blunt Smoke (2014)

Debut EP from Iron Ora on Oddinhuman Music! Digital and Tape orders come with Vocal and Instrumental versions.

It all began in a Jersey City apartment after missing a flight back to Fort Lauderdale. Iron Ora revealed to his homie DJ Sensitive Side of a song idea he had been playing with called “Reefer Sutherland”. He received an enthusiastic response to produce an entire project, as well as contributions for various other names for song titles. The concept for the lead single “Donny Hashaway” was a direct result of the brainstorm session. As time passed and beats were collected for the EP, a cohesive sound emerged, as if each producer directly understood Iron Ora’s vision for the project and provided the goods to inspire.

Come take a journey through the mind of Iron Ora and the rest of the DamFam team to a place where blunted beats and rhymes reign supreme and each smoked out ode to his favorite plant is a sophisticated piece of art.

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