DJ Mitsu The Beats- Celebration of Jay (2014)

“I can’t remember the first track I listened to, but I started to become aware of his presence with “Slum village / Fantastic Vol. 2”.
He’s been producing classics even before this album, and I’ve listened to numerous tracks including the unreleased ones.

Butforme, Jay Dee/ J Dilla’s presence ispackedinto “Slum village / FantasticVol.2” and “Welcome 2 Detroit”. I haveneverbeeninfluenced so much by music in mylife, andprobablynever will be. Untilthen, I strivedtocreatemusicwithoutbeinginfluenced by anyone, but by recognizinghimandbecoming a captiveofhisworldview, there was nowaytoescapehisinfluence. His extremelytightdrumswere made withoutrelyingonquantization, andhisuseof sine wavesfor bass andlayeringfilteredsamples was incredible. He had a distinctiveutilizationofspace, andseeminglyroughbutdelicate style. There’s no doubtthat he laidthefoundationsformycurrent style.
I have created tracks for people in the past, but I have never dedicated a whole album for anyone. Even after his passing I greatly respect him as a mentor, and I have longed to dedicate an album for him in order to reflect on my present self. The intension of this album is not to imitate, but to present myself while reflecting on how his influence has helped me to find my own style. This is a dedication of my style to him, which would not have been possible without his influence. I will continue to respect him.
Thank you Jay Dee / Jay Dilla.
Mitsu The Beats


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