JuSoul- Quince & Soda (2014)

The homebase of producer JuSoul, the dirty D of Germany if you will, is the industrial landscape of the Ruhrgebiet around the cities of Duisburg and Essen. This might or might not be a parallel to Detroit but what is sure – JuSoul’s musical soul is deeply rooted in the real D!

Growing and maturing with the Dilla legacy Ju put out a range of beattapes which all showcase his true feel for soulful samples and tasty, yes juicy drums. Over the last six years JuSoul has managed to reach further recognition on fellow beatdiggers’ blogs (quite a few) and even of the much acclaimed beatlabel of the hour – Soulection.
Also having had releases on beatcompilations from the australian Condensed Milk label to productions and collaborations with rappers from the US as well as the UK, JuSoul is about to make himself a real name in this booming beat game.

This new release greatly features what JuSoul’s music stands for – sweet samples, thumping basslines and driving drums par excellence!
Also, to understand the album title, we should mention Ju has a weakness for sweet stuff aside music. Like? Fruits – JuSoul’s QUINCE & SODA is b(l)ooming like the fruits will this summer!

To establish JuSoul’s career we at GOODBOIS Radnoise Records have decided to help Ju take that special step to his first physical release. Thus, we will be releasing this album as a sweet clear vinyl as soon as we get our heads to working through the “bullshit”.
(soon. we will let you know, promise!)

Meanwhile enjoy this digital fruit bowl of beats!

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