Chrisfader x Testa- Overland (2010)

The Tyrol is the heart of the Alps. Many who know the region can confirm its abundance of talent in alpine disciplines. However, it remains a mystery to skeptics how the urban street culture of hip hop fits into the snowy Tyrolean Oberland. But as long as there’s an exception to the rule, those who seek hip hop culture in the Tyrol will find it – in the form of Chrisfader and Testa.

Both young DJs and turntablists are leading figures in Austria the field of technical artistry working with vinyl. They have proven this in numerous competitions, claiming the title for the Tyrol in the categories Advancement Class, Beat Juggling, and in Team competitions. Also, they dominated the ITF competitions from 2003 thru 2006. Internationally, they were able to prove their world-class niveau when they made 4th place in the European Finals in 2006. Chrisfader and Testa’s success marked Austria’s first appearances on the international turntablist stages – in cities such as Prague, Stuttgart, or Dublin.

Chrisfader and Testa’s talent, however, cannot only be seen in competitions of finger acrobatics. They have also succeeded artistically, raising the tool of the turntable to a musical instrument in its own right, instead of a simple record player as some regard it be. This results in an enrichment of various live projects and performances.

Up to this day, their musical work has been preserved and documented on mixtapes, on Chrisfader’s debut release “Scratchmusic”, and in the form of numerous collaborations with various artists of the Austrian hip hop scene. Now it is time for the next step for the two Tyroleans: their longplayer “Overland” (an allusion to their home region, “Oberland” in German) is a testimony to the fruits of their labor on the turntables and otherwise. As expected, “Overland” will be released on the working material of choice – vinyl – but will also be available in various digital platforms (iTunes, etc) to those who do not have access to the wheels of steel themselves.

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